We are excited to share that a Tentative Agreement (TA) has been reached for the Human Services Coalition-specific sections of the 2021-2023 Union contract; these are the Union rights and protections that apply specifically to ODHS, OHA, and OED.

A comprehensive document describing every change, large and small, contained in the TA is forthcoming. In the meantime, we are excited to share some of the biggest victories that have resulted from the power of a united and active membership. Strong contracts are made by strong unions and our member’s role in the process is integral to our collective power.

All-Coalition Wins: ODHS, OHA, & OED

  • Expanded critical incident leave from three to five days at minimum, for a worker to recuperate when we are the victims of workplace trauma, including but not limited to verbal harassment, physical intimidation, and violence.
    Increased training and career advancement opportunities by requiring managers to grant employees all trainings included in their Employee Development Plans (EDPs).
  • Created a pathway to expand hardship leave donation in our agencies, based on the bargaining surveys and other feedback reflecting our desire to foster mutual aid among coworkers.
  • A labor-management committee will be formed to enhance leave donation systems, especially when our unused leave could help a coworker in crisis maintain access to healthcare and other benefits.
  • Won additional hardship transfer language to accommodate the in-home care needs of an elderly or disabled person in the worker’s immediate family.
    Streamlined process for overtime-exempt workers to request cash payout of excess hours worked – especially useful when workloads are too high for the worker to take those hours as leave.

OED Specific Win

  • Won language incorporating OED member voice in how management measures our performance, performs coaching, evaluates our work product, and issues any repercussions thereof, including discipline.

ODHS Specific Wins

  • Defeated management’s attempted takeaway of our 2019 Letter of Agreement granting Social Service Specialist 1’s and 2’s the shift differential.
  • SSS1s and SSS2s, our members responsible for frontline work maintaining child welfare’s 24/7 operations, will receive the shift differential for at least the next biennium.
  • Strengthened child welfare worker protections around temporary lodging or non-placement of youth, including protected time, staffing to support primary caseworker, blood-borne pathogens and hazardous materials training, and expense reimbursements.
  • Defeated management’s effort extend the trial service period of Human Services Case Managers from six to twelve months.


  • Created a pathway for the shared knowledge and voice needed to make workload more manageable, humane, and lift up the quality of public services we provide every day.
  • A new committee, focused on workload, will consist of three labor representatives and three management representatives and will analyze the factors that lead to overwork for so many of us, ways to increase capacity, and take advantage of potential efficiencies.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive report of all changes resulting from Human Services Coalition bargaining this cycle.