2021 Steward Trainings

Welcome to our newly designed Steward training program! We had a successful virtual Stewards Conference on September 18th and we have been able to roll out several of our core steward trainings.  Thank you to your member steward committee for all the work into planning the conference and the input on the new trainings. We are hoping that each of you will learn lots of the nuts and bolts of steward work and also how to effectively build leadership in your worksite as you take these trainings.  Whether you haven’t been elected/appointed to being a steward yet, you’re a brand new steward, or have been doing it for years, you are welcome.  Click below on each course to learn more and feel free to download the Guides in each.  

Training Outlines

Steward Training Program
Steward Orientation 100 Grievances 201
Code of Conduct 101 Issue Organizing 202
Representation 102 Steward Academy 220
The Contract 103
Disciplinary Investigations 104
Vaccine Mandate Discipline Training 116

To register for any of the trainings, find the upcoming date below. If you’re unsure whether you should sign up for a particular course reach out to your organizer or email contact@seiu503.org and we can try to help. Some trainings have eligibility requirements, and are subject to approval. Once registered you should receive an email confirmation with the details for the training. Make sure you put it on your calendar and cancel if you need to.

This calendar is maintained by Erika Fitzgerald. Please contact her at fitzgeralde@seiu503.org with questions or to request changes.