Stewards are a core part of our Union’s Leadership structure and the training courses on this page are intended to give you the tools and practice you need to be successful representing your coworkers and enforcing your contract. Review the series below to see which training we encourage you to take depending on what kind of work you do. You do not need to be a steward to take the training. Contact your organizer to learn how to become a steward. If you need to be connected to your organizer email or call 844-503-7348 and we can help you.  

If you are looking for other types of Union events or Leadership and Activism Trainings you will want to check out these pages. 


A flowchart of the core steward training series  

Core Training Syllabi  

Code of Conduct 101  Homecare Systems (117) – Coming June 2022  
Representation 102  Homecare Provider Number Terminations (118) – Coming July 2022 
The Contract 103   
Disciplinary Investigations 104   
Grievances & Settlements 201   


State Special Projects  

ADA Accommodations for Stewards
Steward Academy 
Mentorship Program   


To register for any of the training, find the upcoming date below. If you are unsure whether you should sign up for a particular course reach out to your organizer or email and we can try to help. Some training courses have eligibility requirements and are subject to approval. Once registered you should receive an email confirmation with the details for the training. Make sure you put it on your calendar and cancel if you need to.

This calendar is maintained by SEIU 503 Field Support. Please contact during normal business hours with questions or to request changes.