Published: June 23, 2020

–SEIU is committed to creating a just society for all people. We recognize that not every member of our union can move through our communities without fearing for their lives. Last week our Union’s member-elected Board of Directors voted to endorse an anti-racist policy platform, developed by Black leaders in response to the needs of their communities. This commitment reflects our Union’s long-standing role as a national leader on issues of racial justice in the labor movement. Click here for 503’s official statement (video)


–Homecare, PSWs Win New Agreement: Up To 80 hours Expanded COVID PTO!  Great news! Our Union just signed a new LOA with the State securing more paid time-off if you missed work hours due to COVID-19.

This new benefit, Carewell SEIU 503 CARES PTO, will pay missing work hours between June 1, 2020-December 31, 2020 for eligible workers, and is in addition to the Carewell Hardship PTO benefit, which was offered March-May 2020.

SEIU 503, Carewell and the State Of Oregon are currently working out the application process and logistics required for workers to access this new benefit. Learn more.


–Join us! National Homecare Day of Action – July 1July 1 is a national day of action to support homecare and personal support workers. COVID-19 shocked the world, and as a union we immediately shifted gears to respond to it. We’ve responded to protect our workers, but we can’t ignore how this public crisis has highlighted the racial and economic injustices in our country and the fact that we still don’t have enough PPE and Hazard Pay for homecare workers.

We will gather on Zoom for this national day of action to learn how we can each individually take action to make real change in Oregon and around the country.  Click here to register for the National Homecare Day of Action webinar.


–Statewide Officer Elections Happening Soon!

SEIU 503 is a democratic, member-run union. Every two years, our members vote on who will fill our Union’s elected leadership roles.

The election for SEIU 503 Statewide President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Director will begin accepting nominations on June 29, 2020.

Click here to learn more about Statewide Officer elections.

By the close of 2020 we will have elected more than 700 leaders to a variety of positions, such as the Board of Directors, sub local officers, and statewide officers. The people in these roles will shape the work of our Union over the next two years as we bargain strong contracts, represent workers, and grow.

Homecare and PSW sub local officers were already elected in April. You can find the list of elected leaders here.

–A message from your Chief Stewards

Hello from your Chief Stewards, Nannette ‘D’ Carter-Jafri, HCW and Patty Falkenstein PSW! Changes are on the way for communication and contract enforcement trainings. Be on the lookout for communications from us which will include an acceptance of the steward position and contact information updates. You must mail the acceptance back! Here is a list of our upcoming stewards trainings:

July 25th: Stewards Training 102.
More info.
August 29th: Stewards Training 101. More info.

Please let members know in your district that the calendar on the 503 website lists our Sub-Local 99 Homecare Council Meetings, and Stewards Training registration links. Soon we hope to have elected leaders, district stewards and governance documents. At this time all meetings and trainings will remain virtual, until further notice. If you have questions please call the MRC 1-844-503-SEIU (7348)

Calendar of Events:

Other online trainings opportunities. For information regarding free training classes for care providers, check out the following links:
Oregon Home Care Commission
Oregon Care Partners

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Read it on your paystubs. Our SEIU 503 Homecare/Personal Support bargaining team negotiated into our new contract the monthly option to include a message from our union on each paystub and remittance advice. Please be sure to check out your paystubs each time for important information!

Here’s the DHS payroll calendars for homecare and personal support workers:

2020 DHS Payroll Calendars
Personal Support:

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