Published: August 1, 2023

Citizen Action for Political Education (CAPE) contributors will be electing our leaders for the next two years this fall. You must be a CAPE contributor as of July 31, 2023 in order to nominate yourself or someone else, be nominated, or vote in this election.

For more CAPE information, including CAPE Council duties and district map, find it listed here. If you have any further questions, please contact David Ramos at and/or Erika Fitzgerald at

Candidates may submit a candidate statement if they would like to. Statements must be 250 words or less. The deadline to submit a statement is September 15th at 5 pm. Submit statements to

If you need a replacement ballot during the voting period, please contact our Member Assistance Center (MAC) at 844-503-SEIU (7348) and a new ballot will be mailed to you in 1-2 business days.

Important Election Dates

8/10/2023: Nominations open

9/8/2023: Nominations close

9/15/2023: Candidate statements due

9/29/2023: Ballots are mailed to CAPE members

10/24/2023: Ballots due back via mail

10/29/2023: Results publicized

Candidate Statements

Candidate Statements for Region 1

Candidate Statements for Region 2

Candidate Statements for Region 3

Candidate Statements for Region 4

Candidate Statements for Region 5

Candidate Statements for Region 6

Candidate Statements for Retirees

Election Results

Region 1

SD 1 Delegate: Angie Jelley
SD 5 Delegate: Vacant
SD 16 Delegate: Guillermo Romero
At-Large Delegate: Alice Redding
At-Large Delegate: Vacant
At-Large Delegate: Vacant
1st Alternate: Vacant
2nd Alternate: Vacant
3rd Alternate: Vacant

Region 2

SD 14 Delegate: Carmen Morales
SD 15 Delegate: Carolynn Kohout
SD 17 Delegate: Rob Fullmer
SD 18 Delegate: Anthony Estrada
SD 19 Delegate: Betty Holladay
SD 20 Delegate: Vacant
SD 21 Delegate: Rob Jones
SD 22 Delegate: Max Brown
SD 23 Delegate: Joy’e Willman
SD 24 Delegate: Theo McInturff
SD 25 Delegate: Vacant
At-Large Delegate: Michael Williams
At-Large Delegate: John Leppink
At-Large Delegate: Jija Eberhardt
1st Alternate: Rochelle Santiago
2nd Alternate: Vacant
3rd Alternate: Vacant

Region 3

SD 9 Delegate: Bonnie Edmondson
SD 10 Delegate: Steve Emerson
SD 11 Delegate: Vacant
SD 12 Delegate: Brian Kirschner
SD 13 Delegate: Patty Falkenstein
At-Large Delegate: Ben Moul
At-Large Delegate: Kelly Town
At-Large Delegate: Linda Burgin
1st Alternate: Tracy Thompson
2nd Alternate: Sally Cook
3rd Alternate: Vacant

Region 4

SD 4 Delegate: Andrew Cook
SD 6 Delegate: Austin Folnagy
SD 7 Delegate: Ibrahim Coulibaly
SD 8 Delegate: Catherine Stearns
At-Large Delegate: Barbara Evans
At-Large Delegate: James VanderZanden
At-Large Delegate: Johnny Earl
1st Alternate: Oli Mintz-Lowe
2nd Alternate: Sam Galli
3rd Alternate: Sally Baudion

Region 5

SD 2 Delegate: Karen Higgins
SD 3 Delegate: Mera Gagnon
SD 28 Delegate: Andrea Clark
At-Large Delegate: Vacant
At-Large Delegate: Vacant
At-Large Delegate: Vacant
1st Alternate: Vacant
2nd Alternate: Vacant
3rd Alternate: Vacant

Region 6

SD 26 Delegate: Ron Strle
SD 27 Delegate: Cristal Dejernac
SD 29 Delegate: Helen Moore
SD 30 Delegate: Joellen Billington
At-Large Delegate: Josefina Riggs
At-Large Delegate: Sarah Ray
At-Large Delegate: Tracy Stewart
1st Alternate: Vacant
2nd Alternate: Vacant
3rd Alternate: Vacant


Retiree: Twila Jacobsen