Published: June 1, 2020

Our community cannot begin to address the pain and harm caused by the senseless killing of George Floyd until the four officers responsible are brought to justice. Our Union demands justice for George Floyd. 

SEIU 503 remains committed to systematic change to address anti-Black racism. Racial discrimination inherent in all levels of our criminal justice system must end now. Over the weekend we saw protests around the country that represent a frustration with our nation’s inability to address police and criminal justice reform. The overwhelming majority of these demonstrations were peaceful and courageous. We also saw demonstrations in Portland escalate, and police forces around the country respond to protests about violence with more violence. 

The events in the past couple of weeks have left our community reeling, looking for a way forward. To the leaders of color in our Union and in our communities: We will support you.  We will work alongside you. Together we must fight for lasting change to correct the injustices that have traumatized Black communities. 


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