Published: March 10, 2021


With the passage of the American Rescue Plan, Oregon will receive billions of dollars in federal stimulus money. This one-time funding will be an absolute game changer for our state. It should switch our budget debate from cuts to abundance and include enough to finally provide hazard pay for the essential workers who have risked their health going to work over the last year. It’s time for action to make that happen.

The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities that SEIU 503 members have raised awareness over for years, including long-term care facilities which were responsible for 53% of Oregon’s COVID deaths. Low-wage jobs, little access to healthcare, inconsistent training, and owners of facilities who cut corners in order to maximize profits meant long-term care residents and workers were particularly vulnerable when COVID 19 made its way to Oregon last year.

Our union is advocating for a slate of bills that will bring long-overdue, common sense reforms to Oregon’s long-term care facilities, including two major pieces of legislation that will have hearings next week. Contact your legislator today and help protect facility residents and workers.

Want to do more? Join us for a lobby day this year to help speak directly to legislators about the issues impacting you and other union members. Learn more here.