Published: March 31, 2021

Congratulations on your new position with the Oregon Employment Department! Your work is essential in supporting the thousands of Oregonians still reeling from the COVID pandemic. Your union has fought to make your job as equitable as possible and we have pushed the State to ensure that limited duration employees can have some of the same benefits afforded to permanent employees. These include:

  • Ensuring access to healthcare by hiring new employees as limited duration rather than temporary employees.
  • Having time spent as a limited duration employee count towards trial service in the event that an employee gets hired permanently.
  • Being paid according to the same pay scale that permanent employees are on.

Join with your coworkers to keep winning pay raises, better benefits, and more.

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You can find a copy of your most recent collective bargaining agreement (CBA) by clicking this link. There you can find all of the details of the agreement made between your union and your employer.

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