Who are State Workers? We are over 22,000 workers, joined together in union to make Oregon a better place to live and work. We are DHS workers who provide direct services to over one million Oregonians each year, ODOT workers who put in the long hours to ensure safe roads and infrastructure, Parks workers who keep our state parks beautiful and accessible, and much more.

What do we want? In 2023, we are bargaining a new contract that covers wages, benefits, and workplace conditions like safety, and more. In this contract we will demand to be shown the respect we deserve for the essential services we provide. We know we make Oregon work, now it’s time to make our contract work for us!

2023 Bargaining Priorities:

  • Strong wage increases
  • Workplace Safety
  • Reasonable workloads
  • Expanded remote work protections
  • Improving our discrimination language so that ALL state workers are respected

Get involved and show your support!

Questions? Email the Central Table Bargaining Team at statebargaining@seiu503.org

September 2022: Your Central Table Bargaining Team was elected! Read more about the work they do below.
October 2022: Members completed the 2023 State Bargaining Survey. Survey results help the Central Table team identify issues that are most important to State workers, and what to prioritize at the bargaining table.
December 2022: Start bargaining our next contract!
January 2023: Bargaining continues
February 2023: Bargaining Conference, Bargaining Kick-Off Lobby Day

Central Table Bargaining Team
The Central Table negotiates with DAS over major statewide issues like wages, benefits and policies that impact all agencies. Listed below is the 2022/23 Central Table Bargaining Team.

Ibrahim Coulibaly, Member At-LargeAustin Folnagy, Human Services CoalitionAngela Ward, ODOT CoalitionKatherine Gile, ODOT CoalitionTamera Combs, Specials CoalitionKathleen Lamar, Specials CoalitionRachelle Mullins, Human Services CoalitionJoseph Dyer, Institutions CoalitionJesse Rodriguez, Institutions CoalitionRenae Bracken, Member At-Large

Coalition Table Bargaining Teams
To ensure the needs of your specific workplace are being addressed, Coalition tables also bargain over agency-specific workplace conditions and policies. The coalitions are Human Services, ODOT Coalition, Specials Coalition, and Institutions Coalition. Find your current Coalition contract on our website.