In 2021, state employees bargained a new contract that covers wages, benefits, and workplace conditions like safety, telework and more. As of July 16th, the State reached a Tentative Agreement with big victories for State workers. This contract was subsequently ratified by voting members.

The Bargaining campaign

Your bargaining team combed through thousands of surveys, submitted by members to determine the top priorities for this contract campaign. A side by side comparison of our current proposals is available here.
  • Wages. The state budget is in better shape than anyone thought a year ago. That is in large part because essential workers did their jobs through the pandemic and wildfires, and kept our state running. We’re fighting for steps and COLAs to keep our wages competitive.
  • Benefits. State employees have great healthcare and retirement benefits. While we don’t expect any attacks on those benefits, holding the line is always a top priority.
  • COVID Protections.. We keep Oregon working – even through  a pandemic. Expanding telework for as many workers as possible and providing adequate safety measures and hazard pay for those who can’t do their job from home is a top priority.  The State must respect us, protect us and pay us. 
  • The Next Big Thing. Whether it's another pandemic, the next wildfire season, or an earthquake, we know it will happen eventually. One thing we learned from COVID is that we must be prepared to continue providing essential services to Oregonians, but we also must protect and respect our members.  We want to ensure that when the next disaster happens, we have systems in place to keep workers protected and paid fairly for the work they do during these challenging circumstances.
  • Equity. Every SEIU member deserves a fair shot regardless of the color of their skin, their zip code, or the language they speak. In bargaining we have the opportunity to lift up employees whose communities are underrepresented or ignored.

Meet your 2021 bargaining team

SEIU 503 is a member-run union. Members elect a bargaining team of their peers every two years. With legal, negotiation and logistical support from union staff, your bargaining team fights to make sure your priorities are reflected in the final contract. This year, the State Bargaining Team set out to renegotiate the State Worker contract. Throughout the process, members have given their feedback through bargaining surveys, taken action through petitions, attended unity breaks and rallies, and connected through social media to get results on the issues that mattered most to them. We’re thrilled to say, as of July 16th, the contract was settled with big victories for State workers!

Timeline & Process

We bargain our contract in two steps. The first are “coalition tables” – groups of agencies where we bargain over workplace conditions and policies specific to your agency. The coalitions are:

  • Human Services: DHS, OHA and OED.
  • Specials Coalition: ODE, OSL, OST, DAS, Commission for the Blind, PERS, DOJ, OHCS, TSPC, DOR, DCBS, BOLI, DVA, WCB, HECC and the Licensing Boards.
  • Institutions Coalition: OSH, OYA, Pendleton Cottage

The “Central Table” negotiates with DAS over major statewide issues like wages, benefits and policies that impact all agencies.